Have you ever felt embarrassed by your dog’s behaviour? Have you ever struggled because you feel your dog is out of control? Have you ever become so frustrated and overwhelmed that, sometimes, you feel like your life would be easier if you simply didn’t have a dog? Or maybe you’re tired of spending money on training that just doesn’t work?

At JMoore K9, we understand the freedom and relaxation that come with having a well behaved dog. We provide relief to our clients by helping restore the balance in their lives and achieve a well behaved dog in as little asĀ 2 minutes a day! Our unique approach combines science based techniques and relationship building strategiesĀ for humane, effective, and fast results. We are qualified to deal with a number of problem behaviours as well as teaching on- and off-leash obedience.

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Janee worked with me and my reactive dog for two years. Prior to working with Janee, Summer was reactive towards other dogs as well as towards people. She was extremely anxious and I was worried she would never overcome her anxiety. Working with Janee has given me the tools and techniques to succeed with my dog, while remaining compassionate to her needs. I can now take Summer with me to various places and no longer have to worry about her reacting.

Kimberly S.

Janee is a wonderful positive trainer. You can tell how much she cares about all her students.

Laurie C.